An Online Mentoring Experience for Preservice Physical and Health Educators

2022-08-09 11:49

While it may seem that an obvious question to evaluate a teacher preparation program that utilises amentoring approach centres on efficacy for those being mentored, an equally important focus is theoutcomes for the mentor. The findings support the notion of the Online Mentoring Practicum and itscontribution to the professional preparation of a group of final year pre -service teachers.The identified benefits for mentors are in line with those highlighted in the mentoring literature. Mentors perceived positive outcomes of the program through the opportunity to develop both theirconfidence and skills in a range of teachings areas (from teaching strategies to the use of technology).They also highlighted their growing sense of professionalism by identifying the chance to support to theirless experienced peers by identifying the challenges they themselves experienced.Within the context of this teacher education course, the Online Mentoring Practicum could be extendedprogram-wide and include all students. From a broader perspective, the results identify possibilities ofenhancing traditional approaches to teacher development. While like mentoring programs have involvedpractising or experienced teachers as mentors, the outcomes demonstrate the potential to involve allmembers of the professional community of teachers. Such an approach places value on the developingskills and perspectives of all members of the community of practice from their point entry.