What does the IHEA sports nutritionist learn specifically? What crowd is suitable for to enter onese

2023-04-21 13:25

Under the dual promotion of the healthy consumption trend and the capital market, the sports nutrition market is showing a thriving situation. People engaged in big health related industries understand the importance of nutrition health for the human body, also understand the professional system of nutrition health knowledge to their work life, more and more people choose to learn "sports nutritionist", So what does the "sports dietitian" learn, for what people to enter oneself for an examination, after the exam can be specific engaged in what profession, do you know?

What does an exercise nutritionist learn?

Exercise nutritionists help fitness people understand the problems with their diet and how to choose foods that benefit them to achieve their desired fitness goals and improve their health. Ordinary people have nutritionists for the general population, and there are professional sports nutritionists in the sports industry. Not only to give reasonable advice on diet, but also need to use professional exercise knowledge to give a reasonable exercise plan. High-quality sports dietitians can according to the age, gender, physical fitness and physical status, develop personalized scientific dietary nutrition plan, also includes the choice of sports drinks and consumption and protein powder intake, in order to effectively ensure the scientific nature of fitness and reflect the effect of fitness, real through fitness to promote the health, improve the national physical fitness, sports dietitian mainly learn the following contents:

Basic nutrition: the top five major essential nutrients for the human body

Advanced nutrition: gender / blood type / body type nutritional requirements and advanced nutrients in the human body

Nutritional diet plan formulation: develop principles / specify steps

Nutrition diet for different exercise groups: regular exercise / fat reduction / muscle gain, etc

Exercise tonic foundation: common exercise tonic and use methods

Selection and distribution of ingredients: nutrition collocation and component planning of common ingredients

Different types of nutrition programs reference: dozens of high practical nutrition programs

 What crowd does sports nutritionist suit to enter oneself for an examination?

Competitive sports: National and state professional and amateur sports teams coaches, team doctors, rehabilitation physical therapists and scientific research personnel;

National fitness field: coaches of fitness clubs, health examination centers, fitness enthusiasts, managers, people who need to lose weight and gain muscle through sports, social physical education practitioners, enterprises and institutions or other social personnel who are interested in engaging in sports nutrition career;

School physical education: Sports professional colleges, sports department, sports team teachers, students and coaches.

People who love sports and health and seek sideline opportunities.

What are the employment prospects of a sports nutritionist?

All the time, people have been enthusiastic about sports and fitness, which provides space for the development of the sports nutritionist industry. In the future, sports nutritionists will appear more and more in your side, for everyone's health services. Since the sports nutritionists serve a small number of high-end people, the salary level is relatively considerable.

At the same time, now is the era of we media, sports and health theme has its own traffic. You can also choose to be a we-media person and output sports nutrition knowledge on the short video platform. When the fans reach a certain number, you can choose to bring goods or help members specify food plans online. There are various ways of realization, and the time is more free.

As a sports nutritionist, IHEA wants to have a high level of professional knowledge. It is very important to apply for comprehensive training courses and certification by authoritative institutions. At the same time, the courses are comprehensive and systematic to provide relevant guidance to customers from a professional perspective.

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