U5-U16 football training is a favorite. What should a U5-U16 football coach know?

2023-04-24 15:23

In recent years, U5-U16 football sports, parents' interest in football training and demand is a huge promotion, football training general U5 for the starting line, the football (including culture, football, football skills, football training, etc.), into the teaching, focusing on the youth interest in football, let the students in the happy football physical fitness, exercise will quality, in the talent of team cooperation and indomitable spirit, inject new vitality for the sports teaching mode. Football training class has become a popular, as a football coach should master what knowledge? How to be a football coach of all ages?

The concept of youth training should be clear and the characteristics and training methods of football youth training of all ages.

For football coaches, the job of a professional team coach is to do a good job in training and adjust the state of the players to the best, while the coach of U5-U16 football training class has different responsibilities. The players are U5-U16 students who are still learning, so the coach also assumes the responsibility of educating people. The five-ring model, four moments, competition concept, training concept and coaching concept in the youth training concept. The five-ring model refers to the players' competitive ability is mainly composed of five elements: technical, tactical, physical, mental and social.

The five elements of technical, tactical, physical, mental and social correspond to five abilities: technical, tactical, physical, mental and social. The "five rings" model briefly explains the elements that students should consider in their own growth and development process. The "five rings" connect and support each other. If students want to fully release their potential, to teach physical training and special training in the enlightenment stage, basic stage, and golden development stage, according to their aptitude, we must pay attention to these influencing factors.

Have theoretical knowledge.

As a football coach, we must understand the spirit and basic rules of football, football safety and prevention guidance. Football itself makes people happy and physically enhanced, while team spirit is the soul of football. In any game, if there is no team struggle, no matter how good the players are difficult to match the enemy. Team spirit is the true essence of football. Team sports and competition, sports safety and prevention become more important. The coach, on the other hand, needs to integrate this team spirit into every daily training session, while also guiding every player in sports safety.

To understand the basic techniques, tactics and formations of international football, and be able to carry out special technical training.

Football as a team sport has not only a formation distribution but also different offensive and defensive tactics. For football formation, each player has their own position and division of labor, at the same time in the game, and need good formation to let every player can play their advantages, football formation is to adapt to regional defense, rhythm control, the need of the ball, the team in the position of the field and the division of responsibilities. The name of each formation is arranged according to the shape of the players, such as the classic "four three three", "four two four", "three five two" and other formations.

Players in each position have their own responsibilities, and they need to master specific skills to cooperate well in passing, receiving, dribbling, shooting and defending, along with strategy and tactics. As a senior football coach, he must be familiar with football formation, basic techniques, basic tactics, and special technical training.

It is necessary to work with a certificate

As a parent, how would you feel one day when you learned that your child was being taught by an unqualified coach? Similarly, as a football coach, the coach certificate may not represent your excellent ability, but in this era of holding the certificate, with the certificate, increase your professional qualification endorsement, let the students more assured.

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Certification platform

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